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Sport policy

Sport is encouraged by parents and educators in the belief it assists a balance between the purely academic development and the recreational activities in a child’s life. Sport develops skills not obtainable through other experiences.

Sport, within the school, can be seen as contributing to the acquisition of such important outcomes, as leadership, initiative, co-operation, social competence, pride in achievement, group unity, group loyalty and good sportsmanship. Surely it aids guidance and personality development. Sport may achieve this through such things as training (co-operation, initiative, group unity; identifies with the school), personal demands (generosity, loyalty to the student’s school), sportsmanship (accepting results, pride in achievement, self-conduct and self-confidence), aroused enthusiasm (ideas and attitudes can grow out of the observed qualities of their peers and coaches), improved performance (aids mental alertness and co-ordination of mind and body which are so essential to development).

Sport now enjoys its position in the overall educational pattern because of its contribution to the general concept of education for complete living. In its place, sport is valuable and necessary.

Sport takes place every Friday afternoon from 12.30 p.m. till 2.45 p.m. Sport is organised for all the junior school by the Sports Co-ordinator. Senior classes are organised into a pastoral program that may involve some sporting activities. These activities are supervised by the senior pastoral teams. The expectation is that all teachers will have sport as part of their weekly teaching load.

 Internal School Sports

The internal sports program is designed to provide regular opportunities for the students to engage in both indoor and outdoor games which involve bodily exercise. Students who are not representing the College in sporting teams will be able to select a sport of their choice each term from a list which is interesting and appropriate for their age and development.




The following ought to be integral to our internal school sports program:

  1. To promote physical fitness in our students.
  2. To equip them with the means of using some of their leisure time in recreational physical activities.
  3. To expose each one of them to the physical, emotional and social benefits which can come from the playing of games and from participation in sporting activities.
  4. That they be able to participate confidently in sports of their limited choice.
  5. To make adequate provision for the non-academic aspects of their schooling and ensure a balance between the purely academic development and recreational activities in one’s life.
  6. To give each one the opportunity of learning the simple fundamentals of athletics, swimming and a variety of major games.
  7. To assist each one to develop interest in a least one sport which can be carried on to adult life.
  8.  To provide an informal situation where we are better able to get to know the students in our care.


Representative Sporting Teams 

Aquinas helped instigate the Sutherland Shire Independent Sporting Association (SSISA) and has taken part in the activities of the Association since those times with a great amount of success. We do so in the belief that sports, properly controlled, are a valuable factor in education. The sporting skills acquired are a benefit in themselves; proper participation also encourages school spirit and other desirable qualities. 

The school has a large financial commitment to sport. Coaches invest a tremendous amount of time and effort in its organisation. It is the school’s policy that students who excel at certain sports represent the school in that sport, if they are chosen to do so. This policy should not be applied in a heavy-handed way, because too much stress on this aspect could have a contrary effect. Rather we want to encourage the idea of dedication and generosity, and of the contribution students can make to the school through the gift of their talents. Suitable awards should be made for participants and suitable recognition given them. Students have the opportunity to represent Southern Sydney, NSWCCC and all schools in a variety of sports. Good conduct should be expected of students when travelling and when representing the College at sport. There should be proper supervision by coaches on buses, etc. and consequently to raucous unseemly behaviour by any of the students either on or off the field.

In 2018 Aquinas Catholic College is undertaking a new student information system called Compass.
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