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Anti Bullying Policy

(updated 19/5/14)


What is bullying-a definition?

Bullying is a form of repeated physical, verbal, social or psychological behaviour by a person or group of persons that has the intention of harming and demeaning someone, involving the misuse of power. This behavior usually occurs over a number of days or weeks or more frequently and is not a one off incident. As per the National Safe School framework, bullying can be Direct (face to face); Covert/Indirect (isolation, exclusion etc) or Cyber-Bullying.


It can further include: 

  • Physical -eg hitting, punching, kicking,scratching, tripping, spitting
  • Verbal -eg name calling, teasing, abuse, putdowns, sarcasm, insults, threats
  • Social -eg ignoring, excluding,ostracising, alienating, making inappropriate gestures
  • Psychological -eg spreading rumours,dirty looks, hiding or damaging possessions, malicious SMS and email messages, inappropriate use of camera phones 

It can occur anywhere including at school, travelling too and from school, during other school events and indeed can occur away from school via social media outlets.

Conflicts or fights between equals and single incidents are not defined as bullying. Bullying behaviour is not: children not getting on well; a sitiation of mutual conflict or a single episode of nastiness or random acts of aggression or intimidation


Procedures for dealing with and prevent bullying?




As a College community we will not allow cases of bullying to go unreported rather we will ask students to speak up. We need to realise the importance of discerning and reporting bullying so that matters are dealt with and not allowed to develop. Students are encouraged to report bullying to any teacher at any time. The College will ensure appropriate training for staff so that they can identify signs of a student being bullied and know how to intervene based on our policies/procedures and around ensuring a clear safe supportive environment. The College will enforce the CEO staff use of social media policy along with the students ICT acceptable user agreement policy. The school will keep accurate records of bullying via its information management system (SEQTA-under Pastoral notes), of which all teachers have access so as to identify patterns whilst ensuring student well being at all times. Teachers when dealing with bullting situations will follow the school’s student management system flowchart and should not only record the discussions on SEQTA but inform the Year Coordinator as soon as possible.Students will receive explicit teachings via the Pastoral lessons/mornings around bullying and will be given repeated instructions on the school bullying policies/procedures. Parents will receive advise on the school bullying policy/procedures including its posting on the College website which includes contacts of key personel, including the School Police Liaison officer and other external support agencies. Additionally regular parent information sheets on bullying will be provided via the College newsletter and other avenues.


Response to a complaint


This requires students:

  • To refuse to be involved in any bullying situation
  • If appropriate, to take preventative action
  • To have the courage to report the incident to any teacher immediately




The College recommends that parents: 

  • Encourage your children to discuss their school life at home as much as possible
  • Watch for signs of anxiety or bullying eg, an unwillingness to attend school, bruising etc
  • Advise your child to follow the procedures above
  • Do not encourage your child to retaliate
  • Contact the school if your child’s efforts to deal with incidents do not appear to be working.


When a student reports bullying to a teacher: 

  • The situation will be recorded by the handling teacher, reported to you Pastoral teacher and Year Coordinator as per the student management system flowchart and will be closely monitored
  • The student will be kept safe at school at all times
  • The student will be told what action will be taken
  • The student will be offered any support needed such as counselling and Restorative Justice meetings


When a student is bullying(perpetrator): 

  • They will be removed from the bullying situation
  • Their Pastoral/Year Coordinator will be involved and parents/carers contacted
  • They will be dealt with according to the Pastoral Care policy/Level System at the College
  • They will be required to see the College counsellor and likely be involved in a Restorative Justice resolution meeting(s) with the victim

All students need to develop the attitude that bullying is unacceptable and not a part of the life of Aquinas Catholic College. A victim should never remain silent as there is a zero tolerance to bullying at all times.

For more information, please see the CEO's own anti-bullying policy.

Working together parent anti-bullying brochure.


Contact information for our school

  1. NSW School police - Sutherland Police Station - Constable Olivia Edwards - Phone number: 9542 0899
  2. College counseller - Phone number: 9543 0188
  3. Community services helpline - Phone number: 133 627
  4. NSW Health-Sutherland - Phone number: 9540 7111 
In 2018 Aquinas Catholic College is undertaking a new student information system called Compass.
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