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2017 HSC Results

87% of Subjects above State Average
61% of subjects more than 5% above State Average
72 Band 6s / E4s
253 Band 5s / E3s
College Dux - Gia Di Pietro - 99.30

Behaviour Policy


Each member of this community should display respect for the College in their behaviour and their presentation.

Each person should be respected as an individual. There should be no discrimination of any kind.

Each person deserves to be addressed and spoken to with courtesy.

No one should be forced to behave negatively as a result of peer pressure.

Each student should display to those outside the College community the same degree of mutual respect shown at school.

If disagreements occur in our community they should be dealt with in a mature fashion.


Inside The Classroom: 

Each person deserves to learn in an environment, which is clean, well-maintained and cared for.

The classroom should be entered and left in an orderly and mature fashion.

Each person deserves to have the safety of their personal possessions guaranteed.

Each person’s work should be respected and not interfered with.

Each person deserves the freedom to learn without distraction or disturbance.

Each person deserves to be given full attention when they are speaking.

Each person should feel secure in expressing ideas and asking for assistance.

Each person should feel comfortable with their achievements and not be forced into unfair comparisons.

Each visitor to the classroom should be treated with courtesy.


Outside The Classroom:

Each person needs to be conscious of their own personal safety and to this end, remain within the school grounds at all times.

All areas in the school should be places that are safe and welcoming.

Playing areas should be treated with respect and be places where safe, welcoming activities take place.

All property and equipment needs to be cared for.

People should move around the school in an orderly fashion.

In travelling to and from school, students should show respect for people and their belongings and at all times be conscious that they are representatives of the school community.

When representing the school in sporting or cultural activities, students will always compete in a spirit of fairness and mutual respect.

Students and parents can connect with our school Learning Management System run by SEQTA Software. Students and Parents can use the links below to access the portal that is relevant to your needs. Students access SEQTA Learn and Parents/Carers access SEQTA Engage
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Xt3 Advent Calendar 2017


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 … 87% of subjects above state average


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 … 61% of subjects more than 5% above state average


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 … 72 Band 6s / E4s


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 … 253 Band 5s / E3s


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 … 325 Band 5s / 6s or E3s / E4s




Aquinas Catholic College Menai is a co-educational, Years 7-12, Catholic High school, established in 1993. The present accommodation includes the Administration Building, College library, general classrooms and the full range of specialist rooms.



Celebrating 25 Years of being ‘Enlivened by the  Spirit’






College Dux Gia Di Pietro


HSC subjects above state average


Band 6's / E4's


Band 5's / E3's

Gifted Challenge Day at Aquinas

Gifted Challenge Day at Aquinas

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