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2017 HSC Results

87% of Subjects above State Average
61% of subjects more than 5% above State Average
72 Band 6s / E4s
253 Band 5s / E3s
College Dux - Gia Di Pietro - 99.30

2017 College News / Events


As a result of the Inquiry Review Process that the College undertook in June of this year I was able to inform students at last week’s whole school assembly some structural changes for 2018.  You may remember the Inquiry Review looked at where the College was in its learning improvement journey and where it would like to move in the next four or so years.  Data gathered from student, parent and staff surveys, results from recent HSC and NAPLAN tests, Sydney Catholic Schools and face to face interviews made by the panel, all pointed to the positive reputation the College enjoys underpinned by the Catholic and pastoral nature of Aquinas.  The College identified and the Review Panel endorsed, a strong focus on the learning agenda, particularly in literacy and numeracy and in working to improve student learning outcomes.


Practically, Year 10 students and parents would be aware of this focus given the change to a 12-unit structure for

Year 11 2018 [and subsequent years] to maximise student efforts in the crucial two years of the HSC course.  In 2018 the College will move to a five period day as part of the focus on the learning agenda.  Schools employ a number of different structures for the day and we believe that this structure will suit our students.  Schools that employ this structure report that;


  • Increased time for engaging activities and a reduction in the number of subjects studied per day allows for greater retention and more targeted reflection.
  • Reduced movement leads to less disruption and greater focus.
  • Five periods per day allows more opportunities to reduce split classes as the teaching load will give more flexibility. This will allow students to have greater consistency and continuity in lessons.
  • The last 2 periods of the day under a six period day model can be less productive and have more disruptions. Reducing the number of periods from 2 to 1 will help reduce these issues. It may also lead to a psychological shift as students know they have to only complete one more period. 
  • The morning Pastoral period will be shortened and the day will conclude at 3pm.  There is also a provision for staff and students to catch up from 3pm for up to 10 minutes to debrief about curriculum or pastoral matters before final dismissal and the arrival of school buses.  The slightly earlier finish will also stagger finish times with Holy Family Primary School, easing congestion around the precinct.


    In 2018 our Pastoral Classes will also move to a vertical model that will see students grouped by our four houses, La Salle, MacKillop, Nagle and Rice for the 15 minutes at the beginning of the day.  Each class will be composed of students from each year group to build upon our Peer Support model we already employ.  This will give each Year 12 student a clear leadership and mentor role with younger students and further develop positive relationships across the College.  I have had the privilege of being part of the past 6 student leadership camps and each successive group of leaders has wrestled with the goal of building our House system to be more than just opportunities to gather at the swimming and athletics carnivals.  Our house system will be the cornerstone of our Pastoral Care System and add to the culture of the College.  Year groups will still retain their identity and Retreats, Camps, Reflection Days, Year Group Assemblies, and Excursions will continue as they have in the past in their role in developing grade camaraderie.


    Whilst some students may feel concerned with change, it is a growth mindset mentality that we hope our students will develop to help them find a compass for their own futures when faced with adversity and the ability to be resilient adults.  As I mentioned at the assembly, “A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  We look forward to working with the community in 2018 in some different ways but with the same commitment to providing our students with the best possible educational outcomes underpinned by our four pillars of Hope, Wholeness, Justice and Revelation.


    A finale invitation and reminder that this Sunday we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary with a mass at 11:30am in the John Paull II Hall followed by tours of the College, a BBQ and sporting activities [weather permitting] until 3pm.  Past students and staff will be in attendance and we are greatly looking forward to celebrating the past 25 years of all things Aquinas. 


James Corcoran



From The Assistant Principal  

Cyber Safety:

On Thursday 7 December, Senior Constable Dean Perkins will be speaking to Year 7 & 8 regarding Cyber Safety, especially during the long break from school. If you would like Dean to answer a specific question, please write your question on the link, here.


Damien Kerr

Assistant Principal 








2017 Student Leaders 


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Xt3 Advent Calendar 2017


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 … 87% of subjects above state average


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 … 61% of subjects more than 5% above state average


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 … 72 Band 6s / E4s


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 … 253 Band 5s / E3s


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2017 … 325 Band 5s / 6s or E3s / E4s




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HSC subjects above state average


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Gifted Challenge Day at Aquinas

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