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HSC Results for 2018

1st place in NSW for Community and Family Studies
Lauren Agostini
Kindergarten – Year 6 Holy Family Student
Year 7 – 12 Aquinas Catholic College Student

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Wednesday 6 March 2019
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Internet and ICT Policy

Information technology policy

Definition: Information technology is the “processes, applications and equipment by which we access create, analyse, present and communicate information.” (Information Technology and the Learning Process” Gateway 1996)

Rationale: New and emerging technologies provide exciting opportunities to access the global community and its complex communications systems. Information Technology is an integral part of our society and culture and access to the information available relies upon students developing the necessary skills and understanding to become effective and discerning users.

Policy: Aquinas College is committed to empowering our students to create, shape, select and use Information Technology appropriately. Teaching and learning will include I.T. as an essential component of a learning culture that encourages students to become life long learners. Access to media rich rooms is provided by a booking system that will be updated as resources and levels of expertise expand. The justice issues that challenge our students, requiring them to make decisions about locating, analysing and synthesing the information obtained, will be examined within a framework of Catholic values.

Aquinas College has adopted an integrated model that supports the Purpose Statement of the K-10 Curriculum Framework (2002). Information Technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning program within each KLA.

Program development and implementation in each KLA will include:

  • Teaching and learning strategies that develop an understanding of the skills linked to the Core Competencies (2002) and provide opportunities to reflect on IT issues.
  • Assessment and reporting strategies that measure student achievement of Core Competencies.
  • Analysis of School Certificate Computing Skills Test results to provide feedback for programming.

Resources and Support Support for teachers and classrooms will be provided through the College Technology plan. This plan addresses needs of teachers, classroom and College and will be collaboratively managed by the Principal, the Learning Technologies Coordinator and the Business Manager.


Internet use policy

In 2018 Aquinas Catholic College is undertaking a new student information system called Compass.
The Principal News



Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2018

First Place in NSW

Lauren Agostini: Community and Family Studies


First Place in Systemic Sydney Catholic Schools (Archdiocese of Sydney) 

Lauren Agostini: Community and Family Studies

Ryan Mulligan: Studies of Religion I

Sarah Larkham: Music I

Aidan Puse: Music I


All Rounders

[Band 6s in 10 units studied]

Keira Dailly

Ryan Mulligan


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2018 … 91% of subjects above state average


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2018 … 100% of 2 unit subjects above state average


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2018 … 56% of subjects more than 5% above state average


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2018 … 97 Band 6s / E4s


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2018 … 281 Band 5s / E3s


Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2018 … 378 Band 5s / 6s or E3s / E4s



College Dux Keira Dailly


HSC Results  98.90




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Aquinas Silver Jubilee Celebrated in 2017






College Dux Keira Dailly


HSC subjects above state average


Band 6's / E4's


Band 5's / E3's



Aquinas - Year 7 School Camping

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