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HSC Results for 2018

Congratulations to Lauren Agostini
1st place in NSW for Community and Family Studies
Year 7 – 12 Aquinas Catholic College Student
Kindergarten – Year 6 Holy Family Student

Learning Support

A student-centred approach to education is based on catering for the pastoral and learning needs of the individual. The Aquinas mission statement challenges teachers to recognise that all students are at different stages of development and to focus their teaching on the student. Given the mixed ability learning environment at Aquinas, programs, policies and practices must be developed to cater for the needs of gifted and talented students, EAL/D students, students on the Special Education Program and students with disabilities and specific learning disabilities. Aquinas has adopted an inclusion model for students with special needs assisted by the provision of specialist support on an individual needs basis. The role of the classroom teacher is critical, therefore, in identifying the diverse needs of students and in the provision of effective teaching strategies.


Therefore, within the College we will ensure that:


Teaching programs across KLAs will outline modifications in place for the range of students within each course.


Withdrawal from class is kept to a minimum and centres around special projects such as the parent and student led reading program and any value-added course required in the short term.


Specialist support teachers will work with classroom teachers within the class environment, assisting with group work and the modification exercises.


Support teachers will work actively with the full range of abilities to help establish rapport and a profile with all students.


Whenever possible support teachers will be actively involved in pastoral and co-curricular activities.


Resource teachers may at times withdraw mixed ability groups for activities within a unit.


Life Skills candidates as well as gifted students will be rotated into the Seminar Room to undertake specific units of work or value-added courses.


Support teachers will actively in-service staff on modifications within programs and the managing of Individual Education Programs.


KLA Co-ordinators will oversee the modification and programming process within their subject areas for special education students and gifted students, taking care that all student needs are being met in a realistic manner.


Students with identified special needs will be placed on Individual Transition Programs (ITP) and linked with a mentor in order to establish and evaluate goals and to ease communication with the community and home.


Support teachers will assess students and liaise with outside agencies whenever needed.


Avenues will be explored whenever possible to enable special needs students to participate in programs designed to meet their needs, e.g. I.P.A.T. Programs and modified vocational courses or gifted mentoring in order to ease the transition of special needs students into the communityLife Skills – Stage 5 and 6


Life Skill courses in Year 9 and 10(Stage 5) and Year 11 and 12(Stage 6) are a special program of study specifically designed for students with special needs who are unable to meet curriculum requirements for the award of School Certificate and Higher School Certificate using Board Developed Syllabuses and Courses.

In 2018 Aquinas Catholic College is undertaking a new student information system called Compass.
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